5 Important Power Tool Safety Tips For Saving Life And Limb

Go into any home improvement or hardware store and you will find that there is an almost infinite array of power tools you can choose from. As these tools have become increasingly powerful, it has become even more imperative to ensure that the right safety protocols are followed. Here are 5 important power tool safety tips to help save a life or limb.

Read the instruction manual

Always read the instructions

All manufacturers include instructions for a reason. Makers of power tools don’t just print instructions because they like wasting paper or because they think of the buyer as incompetent. The instructions are included so that the owner of the power tool is familiar with all the components and the right methods to use the power tool. Having the right information is crucial for avoiding disaster and that is exactly what an instructional manual is provided for. Never decide to skip reading the instructions. You may be really good when it comes to trying to figure things out for yourself, but power tools are one area where you are better off reading the instructions.

Invest in good quality safety equipment

wearing goggles

Whenever working with power tools, always ensure that you have the right safety equipment. Safety glasses and gloves are an absolute must. It is also advisable to invest in a pair of steel-toed boots. If it is going to get too noisy when using the power tools, also equip yourself with a pair of ear plugs to protect your hearing. Of course, simply having all the equipment is not good enough. The safety equipment has to be of good quality, even if it means shelling out a bit more, and you must actively use it.

A clean work area is a safe work area

It is astounding the number of accidents that take place with power tools simply because the work area was unclean. Always ensure that the work area is clean and that there is no possibility of dirt or debris getting into the power tools. If the tools catch on something when in operation, it can send the power tool out of control or send the object shooting off with great velocity. Similarly, clean up any liquid spills as soon as possible. If not, it will prove to be a major electrical fire hazard.

Regular inspection is a must

Inspecting equipment

Make it a routine to inspect your power tools frequently. They say that prevention is better than cure and having a regular inspection schedule certainly is one of the most helpful preventative measures you can take. During an inspection, check to see if all the parts are functioning as they should be. Look for signs of friction caused due to low lubrication; replace any parts that have been worn out. If you find the power tool sparking, unplug it and refrain from using it until you can have it looked at by a professional.

Repair or replace is better than risk

If you come across a faulty piece of equipment, repair or replace it as soon as possible. Many people take a risk and go ahead and use the power tool anyways; a huge mistake. In order to ensure safety when using power tools, it is absolutely essential that the power tool be in perfect working condition. Do not use a faulty tool if it has not been repaired or replaced.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you should have no safety issues when completing your project.

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