Tips For Working Parents Who Leave Kids At Home

If you and your spouse are both working, and you can’t afford a nanny to take care of your kids once they are back from school, then there is no choice for you but to leave them alone at home. This could even mean leaving them at home when they have holidays, but you still have to go to work.

In such cases, it is only natural for you to get worried over the safety of your kids. However, with a few simple tips, you can ensure that they are safe and secure at all times.

Get a security system

Make sure that you get a great security system for your house, such that your kids don’t have to open the door to strangers, and can first see on a camera or video, who exactly is ringing the bell from outside. You must also get CCTV cameras installed all over your house, so that in case some mishap happens, you can always check the footage to see what went wrong. Also get alarms placed strategically all over your house, and tell the kids where the alert buttons are. If they ever feel unsafe, they can press the alert buttons during danger times to get the neighbor’s attention.

Train the kids on first-aid

It’s important to give basic training to your kids; tell them where the first-aid box is, and what needs to be used when. Also train them to use basic home appliances, such as microwaves, for them to heat their food. Train them to operate all electrical appliances with care, so they don’t get an electric shock.

Stock all important amenities

You will have to stretch yourself a little extra every morning to fill up food and other refreshments for your kids in the kitchen. Keep their books and toys handy for them, at a height at which they can access them, so that they are not climbing on chairs and becoming prone to accidents. Make sure whatever they need is kept at easy places for them.

Safeguard your house

Try and get rid of pointy and sharp objects from your house. Keep the knives away, and keep only basic child scissors handy for them. Make sure that there is nothing in your décor, which can bother them, ranging from sharp door edges to broken windows, and even pointy decorative pieces etc. Make the house really safe for them to roam around and play comfortably.

Stay Connected

Yes, you are at work and you are busy. But still, you must try and stay connected with your kids, by making a phone call every one or two hours to check if they are fine or not. Make sure that you do this, so that in case the kids are in trouble, you don’t find it out when it’s too late to sort the problem.

Keep the neighbors informed that the kids would be at home at all times, so that they too can be watchful and alert.

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