Ladies – Common Sense Is Your Best Weapon Against Intruders

Being a woman at home on your own at night can be a very frightening thing indeed. If you are used to your partner being there, and he has to go away for a few days, then you may well suddenly feel very vulnerable. We tend to feel a lot more reassured when we have company in a house, and when that company is not there we all of a sudden become very aware of how exposed we are. There are things you can do to make yourself feel safer in your home, and we’ll give you a few ideas here:

Invite Some Friends to Stay

You will always feel a lot more reassured if you have people to stay, so why not take the opportunity of having people over while you have the house to yourself? Cook a big meal, have a nice evening, and you’ll nod off at the end of the night feeling much less lonely. Ask them if they would like to stay on for a few days too – you never know!

Step Up Your Security

You may leave the door unlocked during the day when your partner is around, but if you are feeling vulnerable then it’s important to know you are locked in at all times. After all anybody could stroll in at any given time of day. Make sure your locks are up to scratch, close windows when you go out and put in added layers of security if it makes you feel better. Make sure gates are closed when not in use.

Have Someone to Call

If you know that you may well freak out overnight, this can be quite scary. When you are feeling jumpy and alone, you will think that every single creak in the floorboards is somebody breaking in. Ask a friend that lives close to you to keep their phone on so that you can call them if you get scared. They won’t mind talking some sense into you and calming you down at all. And if you’re really worried then they will probably offer to pop round and case the house for you. Having a number to ring will provide a lot of reassurance, so make sure you have one to hand at all times.

Borrow a Dog!

Many people borrow a friend’s dog if they are at home on their own. Dogs provide some much-needed companionship and they will put an intruder off easily. Many people would be glad of the opportunity to have a few days that are dog-free – especially if they are planning to go away to a place that doesn’t accept dogs. So you’ll both be doing each other a favour, but you have the added bonus of being able to give the dog back when the time is up! It’s a way of enjoying all the bonuses of having a dog, with none of the commitment.

Keeping yourself calm is the key to feeling safe at night. The chances are you are probably absolutely fine, so chill out, take a deep breath and have a good night’s sleep!

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