What Are The Main Types Of CCTV Cameras People Use For Security?

For as long as it has been an option, CCTV has been a popular way to get peace of mind that your property is safe from thieves, vandals and anyone else who wants to trespass there, whether it is at home or at your business location. As with all video technology, CCTV has advanced a lot over the last couple of decades and is now not only more convenient but also more affordable, meaning more and more people are installing some degree of camera based security. Whatever your needs, whether you want to film an office, a store, or your own home, you have plenty of choices when it comes to CCTV cameras. Here are some of the main types you can go for:

Dome Style Cameras

You have probably seen dome style security cameras on the ceiling in places like banks and hotels. They are good choices for these kinds of businesses because it is impossible for the people coming and going from the premises to tell where the cameras themselves are pointing, which makes them a very good crime deterrent. They also look sleek and subtle and can look good in a site where aesthetics are important and you may not want bulky looking cameras everywhere. These cameras can be either wired or wireless, though are usually wired because they tend to be left in the same spot permanently and are usually used on a 24/7 basis, so the owners don’t want to have to worry about their batteries.

Traditional Wired Cameras

The typical security camera you see in shops, and even in some cities out on the street, is a hard wired camera that films whenever it is switched on, sending its footage to screens or to a hard drive where it can be stored. These are still used by lots of people, and one of their main selling points is that they look very imposing. If you want to put off opportunist thieves and vandals, having a large, obvious camera can be a great way to do it. They may look a bit more ‘big brother’ than the sleek dome style, but they certainly make an impression that says you are monitoring your home or workplace.

Wireless Cameras

Most styles of home and business security cameras can now be found in a wireless style. Wireless cameras have their pros and cons – they are much easier to install and move around, however they do need to run on battery power and this means you need to recharge them often. This makes them great if you just want them on for a few hours a day, but if you want surveillance at all times a wired style will be more convenient.

As well as getting different styles of camera, you can also choose things like night vision for your security cameras if you don’t have security lighting in the area you want your camera to watch. Night vision and thermal imaging are both popular ways to combat this and are available in wired, wireless and dome styles.

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